The most American bar and restaurant in the world!

At MERICA NYC we serve up great classic American food and laughs.  Our atmosphere pays tribute to some of the most iconic and hilarious figures and moments in the last 50 years.  Our menu provides something for everyone from steaks and burgers, discount to vegan dishes and even fried chicken and waffles.  Our chefs take pride in hand making everything we serve from scratch, seek from our homemade rosemary cheddar biscuits and jalapeno corn bread, there to our waffles and burgers!  We proudly only carry and serve American made beers and wines!  We host trivia, debate nights on all topics ranging from sport and politics to movies and pop culture.  We laugh every night and have a genuine great time.  We want to make going out to dinner an experience again, not just a meal and a bill.  Come join us for a night you will be hash tagging for months!  #mericanyc